A maiden project by two unconventional electronica artists to experiment with their own talent. DA BASS FACTOR started out as a result of years of soul searching between these two individuals to find the common grounds in their diverse portfolio of tastes.The actual history of the project dates back more for more than 4 years, where two college kids met with the hope of finding alternative music genres to listen and experiment with. DA BASS FACTOR experiments with a blend of aesthetic melodies coupled up with modern electronica and trip hop beats. They released their first EP called “Elethnography” in 2008 and their music were reviewed by sites like Garageband.

Band Interests

politics, culture, philosophy and things happening around us are our main inspiration

Artists We Also Like

DJ KRUSH, Thievery Corporation, Art of Noise, Asian Dub Foundation, Ministry of Sound, Cafe Del Mar Artists, Rage Against The Machine, DJ Shadow, Nightmare of Wax, Kailash Kher, A.R.Rahman



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