Arise The Metal Music Documentary

ARISE is a feature film documentary which takes an in-depth look into the lives of four underground metal bands in Sri Lanka, a country which is virtually unknown when it comes to metal music. Being in a developing country where metal is only common amongst a handful of dedicated fans the film tries to explore the somewhat different lifestyles and point of views that these bands share.The Film revolves around four metal bands who are namely Funeral in Heaven, Merlock, Cannabis and Fallen Grace.

Directed and Produced by – Dinesh Guneratne & Naveen Marasinghe
Music- Funeral in Heaven, Merlock, Cannabis, Fallen Grace
Length – 71 mins
Language – English
Additional Camera -Chathuranga Fonseka, Kelum Niroshana Dharmawardane
Still Photography – Ayesh Perera




Funeral In Heaven
Chathuranga Fonseka
Shamika Makalanda
Rogger Shales

Dumidu Handakumbura
Niroshan Buddhika

Dinuk Periyapperuma
Dasarath Karunasekara

Fallen Grace
Sohan Ratnaike
Rakitha Gamage
Shivantha Beddewella

“Janaani Janmabhumisca Swargadapi “
Composed & Performed By Funeral In Heaven

“The Winds Of Uva”
Composed & Performed By Funeral In Heaven

“The Origins Of Evil (Abhawaya)”
Composed & Performed By Funeral in Heaven

“Chamber Of Pain”
Composed & Performed By Merlock

“Crimson Skies”
Composed & Performed By Merlock

“The Enemy”
Composed & Performed By Merlock

“Revolution Is Now”
Composed & Performed By Cannabis

“Turn Up The Stereo (Type)”
Composed & Performed By Cannabis

“Putride Remains”
Composed & Performed By Fallen Grace

“Preach Me Dark”
Composed & Performed By Fallen Grace

Special Thanks To
Chathuranga Lakshan Nilgiriya
Aruna Dayananda
Ayesh Perera
Udara Budhdhika Rangebandara
Malitta Nanayakkara
Chamarra Video, Maharagama
Kelum Niroshana Dharmawardane
Sasi Prabha Mudannayaka
Randhula De Silva
And To All Those Who Supported

Live Performances Recorded At
Sinha Nada at Blackout, Kandy
Silent Night Chaos Night at Club Nuevo, Colombo
Spheres Of Madness at Tramps, Colombo
Siv Hela Renaissance at Shine, Colombo
Hang Loose at Sky Lounge, Colombo

Production Time October 2009 – May 2010
Premiered at Alliance Française de Colombo on 15th of May 2010

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